29 March 2007

The culture of corruption: coming to a theater near DiFi's district soon!!

Actually, it's already there. I can just hear it now. "Well, at least she was honest enough to resign on her own!!" or "She was able to do her job, blah blah blah!!" or, "BUSH LIED!! PEOPLE DIED!!"

Honest enough to resign? How long was her hubby raking in the dough from defense contracts? And when did she resign? Only after this little discrepancy was brought to light. "Most ethical congress ever." Yeah, right.

You know, it says something that she can sit there, all pompous and aloof, crying about how this war is for oil, and this and that and something else, and trying to be all puffy and self-righteous, and not once do we hear anything from Pravda the New York Slimes, or The Soviet News Agency CNN, or CBS News about her "conflict of interest", or how she was sitting there with her husband raking in all kinds of money over this "war for oil."

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