26 March 2007

Nifong: rhymes with "toast"

As in, "toast". That is, the state one finds oneself after they go ahead and do something a whole bunch of people warned them not to do, but did it anyway. Kinda like the kid that hears their parents tell them not to wreck the car, then goes out, gets ripped, and slams into a telephone pole at 80 mph. A real-life example of this behavior might be prosecuting three innocent young men who made a stupid mistake, but didn't break any laws, and wound up having a power-trippin DA drag them through the mud. Kinda like Mikey "watch me pull a case out of my ear" Nifong.

You know, I don't usually have much use for lawyers. But if these kids get a good lawyer, and sue Nifong for everything he's worth (uh, make that "everything he's GOT". 'Cause his skills sure ain't worth much.), it will be somewhat satisfying.

Of course, sooner or later, Oprah! will have him on his show, she'll give her audience some trinkets under their chairs, she'll trot this guy out, he'll cry, Oprah! will cry, her audience will cry, and Mikey will feel all better.

Buh-bye, Mikey!!

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