29 March 2007

UNuseful, UNethical, UNwanted

That's the UN for ya. I mean, besides forking over a few bucks in rent (they do pay to be here, don't they? May be not. Anyway), the United Nations has shown its true colors, and run the ol' banner de blanco up the flagpole.

Iran captures 15 british soldiers who were on maneuvers in Iraqi waters. This, my friends, is an act of war. And what do we get out of the United Cowards? We can't even get a strongly worded statement! (Thanks to Mr. Hawkins at Right Wing News):
But Security Council diplomats said the brief press statement circulated by Britain's U.N. Mission is likely to face problems from Russia and others because it says the Britons were "operating in Iraqi waters"—a point that Iran contests.


A press statement is the weakest action the Security Council can take, but the statement must be approved by all council members. Diplomats said Britain was also weighing a stronger presidential statement, which unlike a press statement, is read at a formal Security Council meeting and becomes part of its official record.

The UN. The mighty UN. The world's leading authority on saying stuff that doesn't mean a blessed thing. Can't even come up with a "nanny-nanny-boo-boo" to send to Iran. You know, if I didn't know better, i'd say that Ahmed-is-a-nutjob is ginning this whole thing up. He has been wanting to go to war with somebody so that he can have some lame excuse to act out against Israel, that he probably saw this and jumped on the opportunity.

But you know, I really couldn't care less about what the UN does or doesn't do (and I'm not alone. Of those surveyed who have a brain in their head, 100% of those who responded didn't give a lick about the UN either). So, let them hold their international tea party. And leave the important work (like defense, and humanitarian work) to the US. We'll make sure it gets done. And if we have to, we'll get the Brits home!

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