20 November 2007

True repentance...or a "My bad"?

What is the difference between (a) someone who hears they are doing wrong, does a dramatic U-turn, and genuinely feels remorse over what they did, and (b) someone who hears they are doing something wrong, kinda shrugs their shoulders and says, "Oops! My Bad!"

That seems to be the attitude at Willow Creek. The Pyromaniacs look more into their "admission" and "apology" about their seeker-sensitivism:
The critics have given numerous biblical reasons for those concerns. But the Willow Creek staff refused to hear any of it until data from an opinion poll proved the critics right—and then Hybels had the audacity in this video to pretend the data were telling him something he could never in his wildest imagination have anticipated.

That's the main irony I'm talking about.

Here's another one: Willow Creek's reflexive response was to do some more research by polling, and let that determine how they would respond to the collective failure of their many programs. The result is a slick new website, book, and yet another multi-phased program, which Willow Creek is now exporting to the same churches that followed the original—now failed—strategy. And, of course, it all starts with a shiny set of new tools to make it easy for those churches to conduct their own opinion polls.

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