20 November 2007

¿Hillary? becomes infected with Eggo-losis

Waffle-osis (Kerry-Heinz Syndrome) is a very common disorder among Democratic presidential candidates--in fact, this site first reported the condition here. However, based on the findings of experts who have been tracking ¿Hillary? Clinton, her condition has worsened, and has morphed into full-fledged Eggo-losis.

Nathan Bradfield has filed this report over at Church and State Blog:
She must have caught it from Kerry and developed a more serious case of it. Lots and lots and lots and lots of buzz on Hillary all of sudden deciding she is against licenses for illegals.

Captain Ed says it well:

It's Wednesday, So We Must Have A New Position
First she sounded sympathetic to the idea during a televised debate, and within moments had refused to endorse it. Afterwards, she changed her mind and endorsed it. Now today, after Governor Eliot Spitzer shelved a plan to issue New York drivers licenses to illegal aliens, Hillary Clinton shifted her position yet again to oppose the idea entirely.People laughed at John Kerry for saying, "I was for the $87 billion before I was against it." He looks like the Rock of Gibraltar next to Hillary Clinton. She has now taken four different positions in two weeks on a single topic.

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