20 November 2007

Juanita Bynum--the poor little rich girl

Posting will be light this week. My wife and I are out of town visiting her family. So I'll probably just be lifting stuff from other sites and pasting it here. (Oh, wait a minute. I do that already. Nevermind.)

Well, well. It seems as though poor little Juanita can't pay her bills. At least that's what the county taxman where she lives is saying. IndyCon has more:

I’ll start by saying that I.V. Hilliard is a no good pulpit pimp! A viper just like Juanita Bynum. Read a good post Melvin has up about one of I.V. Hilliard’s scams!

With that out of the way. Many already know pimp I.V. gave pimpstress Bynum money to pay her tax bill. Why? Because I.V.’s wife does pimpstress shows on occasion with Juanita Bynum, that’s why. Pimps have to look out for each other, to ensure future deals where they will try and fleece you for all you’re worth!

Anyway, people have been checking the Ware County, Georgia tax commissioners’ web site and noticing that it continues to show Juanita Bynum still owes money. What’s up with that you ask? Well, ever since the old news broke, the Ware County web site has shown Bynum as owing money, but I.V. Hillard’s check cleared the bank. The folks down in Ware County probably are just a little slow at times getting things updated online. But, the site shows she owes now, because she just recently got behind in her taxes on the $4.5 million property again!

So, according to Pimpstress Prophetess Juanita's theology, shouldn't she just go ahead and sow $1000 into the kingdom of Jesse of Creflo of TBN? See, that way, she'll get her 100 fold return, pay her bills, and have a little jingle left over.

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