19 July 2007

We need to give MORE free stuff to illegals!!

Hey, as long as we're practically giving away the store to people who spit in our face, disrespect our soverignty, and become criminals as soon as their foor touches American soil, let's give them more breaks that we don't afford people who are legal residents (via Stop the ACLU):
It is no secret that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 (S. 2611), passed by the U.S. Sen­ate on May 25, 2006, contains numerous provisions that reward illegal aliens for violating federal immigra­tion law. What is less well known is that the Senate bill also condones the violation of federal law by 10 U.S. states. Indeed, S. 2611 expressly shields these states from liability for their past violations of federal law.

These absurdities are found in the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act provisions of S. 2611.[1] Just before the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the first version of the bill in the evening of March 27, 2006, Senator Richard Durbin (D–IL) offered the DREAM Act as an amendment. It passed on a voice vote and was in the compromise version of the bill that the Senate passed in May.

The DREAM Act is a nightmare. It repeals a 1996 federal law that prohibits any state from offering in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens unless the state also offers in-state tuition rates to all U.S. citizens. On top of that, the DREAM Act offers a separate amnesty to illegal-alien students.


On its own, the DREAM Act never stood a chance of passing. For years, polls have shown consistently that overwhelming majorities of voters oppose giving in-state tuition benefits to illegal aliens. Not surpris­ingly, the DREAM Act languished in committee for four years until the opportunity arose to hitch it to the Senate’s immigration bill.
Stop the ACLU also includes a video from Fox News' "Half-Hour News Hour" which demonstrates the depths of hatred that group has for our laws. But, hey, they're looking out for YOUR liberties!! Yeah, whatever.

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