19 July 2007

The Democratic Party: ready to lead us...

...right into oblivion. OK, they want to sit there and say that we should trust THEM on national security issues. But, showing their true colors (Red and gold, with a hammer and sickle in the upper corner. Or green and white, with a crescent moon. Take your pick.) as the dhimmis they really are, they just can't have you and me watching out for--and reporting--suspicious behavior. I guess it might hurt someone's feeeelings (via Captain's Quarters):
Democrats are trying to pull a provision from a homeland security bill that will protect the public from being sued for reporting suspicious behavior that may lead to a terrorist attack, according to House Republican leadership aides.

The legislation, which moves to a House and Senate conference committee this afternoon, will implement final recommendations from the 911 Commission.

Rep. Pete King, New York Republican and ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, and Rep. Steve Pearce, New Mexico Republican, sponsored the bill after a group of Muslim imams filed a lawsuit against U.S. Airways and unknown or “John Doe” passengers after they were removed for suspicious behavior aboard Flight 300 from Minneapolis to Phoenix on Nov. 20 before their removal.
Oh my gosh!! This might lead to...profiling!!! Ummm, yeah. That's the point. We should be profiling people who act suspiciously, who inadvertantly (**wink wink**) leave baggagge laying around in an airport, or who chant stuff like, "Praise Osama bin Laden!!" Folks....these people SHOULD BE PROFILED!!! Their activity SHOULD BE REPORTED, and those doing the reporting SHOULD BE PROTECTED FROM LAWSUITS!!

All the Dhimmicrat party wants to do is make it easier for their pals in the jihad to carry out their attacks on us, so that they can "come to our rescue", or some other such nonsense. No wonder Congress' popularity is in the toilet (worse than even the "Worst President Ever"!!) But, hey, we should trust them to defend this country.

UPDATE: Actually, Congress' popularity is quite a bit lower than the toilet. It's sitting pretty at 14%. (h/t: IMAO)

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