11 July 2007

Congratulations, Mwenda Murithi!

You are the "Illegal Immigrant Criminal of the Week"! Let the mayor and aldermen of Chicago stand up and take a bow for you, for they have not only managed to harbor a known criminal (who had already been arrested 26 TIMES!!!) in their "sanctuary city", but they allowed him to reach number 27 when he ordered a shooting that left an innocent 13-year-old dead!

Patterico has more at Hot Air:
The way to prevent such tragedies is simple. We must reallocate ICE resources so that all inmates in every jail and prison in the country are screened for their immigration status — so that all illegals are deported after serving their sentences. We must deputize local law enforcement officials to help identify illegals. We must end “sanctuary city” policies that prevent local law enforcement from making such inquiries.
Um, THIS is one of those things the federal government is SUPPOSED to be responsible for. But, like what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we see the kings and rulers of a Democrat stronghold not doing a doggone thing to stop a tragedy. Nah, why bother? These are hard-working criminals, after all! We need to give them credibility and respect! Sit down with them over tea and warm bran muffins, and get to know them better!

But, hey, that's not the best part! How's about some good old-fashioned governmental buck-passing. From Patterico's Pontifications:
Predictably, officials all passed the buck on who should have seen to it that he was deported:

Not us! said the Chicago Police Department. “We don’t ever ask about immigration status,” said spokeswoman Monique Bond. “We leave that up to the courts.”

Not us! said the Cook County state’s attorney’s office. “We don’t check,” said spokesman John Gorman. “That’s for [ICE] to do. We’re not involved.”

Not us! said ICE. “Law enforcement agencies can contact our Law Enforcement Support Center for timely and accurate information” 24 hours a day, Rusnok said. If “the person who is being inquired about is subject to removal, [ICE] can place a detainer with the Police Department ordering the department to hold the person … to allow ICE officials to take the person into custody and begin removal proceedings.”
If you have termites, is the Orkin Man going to come out to your house if you don't call him? Likewise, the ICE can't get rid of pests illegal immigrants if you don't call them! But, it's too late for Schanna Gayden. She lost the game that liberal politicians are playing with ALL of our lives.

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