14 June 2007

Illegal immigrants: raping girls we're too lazy to rape

Found this little tidbit over at Independent Conservative. Apparently, none of the boys in this girl's school were willing to have sex with her, so this Illegal decided to take up the slack:
FRANKLIN - A 21-year-old man faces possible deportation after being caught in the bedroom of a [14-year-old] girl.
Ceballos, who is suspected of being in the country illegally, has been charged with two counts of statutory rape. He was arrested Monday and is being held without bail at the Williamson County jail.

I don't get it. What is it about these guys that have no future, that are criminals as soon as they cross over into this country (and, many are actually criminals BEFORE they come here), that would be so attractive to a girl? Is it some "taboo" or "bad boy" thing? What these girls don't understand is thatthey are running the risk of throwing their life away by getting hooked up with these jokers. The guys probably say all the things these girls want to hear, then once they make their "anchor baby", they couldn't care less about them. Kinda like Arab men.

But, I guess I'm just forgetting that these are "hard working people", who "just want a better life", blah blah blah. And raping 14-year-old girls nobody else will.

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