20 June 2007

Illegal immigrants gone wild...again.

This time, Jammie Wearing Fool has the story:
A Tennessee State University student died Saturday when another driver broadsided her vehicle on Old Hickory Boulevard.

Metro police said 24-year-old Victor Benitez was drunk as he ran a red light at the intersection of Old Hickory Boulevard and Nolensville Road, killing 22-year-old Joycelyn Gardiner.
Investigators said Benitez was drunk and did not touch the brakes of his Ford Expedition before hitting Gardiner's car. She died a short time later at the hospital. "Because of this crash that apparently involves alcohol by the other driver, her life is lost," Aaron said.

Police said Benitez was driving without a license and that he didn't have paperwork verifying that he was in the United States legally.

"They learned that he is a suspected illegal immigrant, thus, a federal hold was placed on him so he cannot make bond," Aaron said.
In February 2006, Benitez was convicted of car burglary. Nine months later, he spent seven days in jail for public intoxication and resisting arrest. The Mexican native now faces a vehicular homicide charge.
Just another ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, driving drunk and killing college students we Americans are too lazy to kill.

Kinda like this guy.

And this one.

And this child rapist, and this one too.

And these identity thieves.

And these terrorists.

But hey, let's just turn our eyes away, bury our head in the sand, and open the borders to let even more criminals flood this country illegally.

UPDATE: Missed this one from March. Hot Air has it:
[Ignacio] Gomez-Gutierrez was driving with a blood-alcohol content that was three times the legal limit when he plowed into the rear of a car on U.S. 59 near the entrance to Kingwood, investigators said. The car’s occupants, Maria Ortiz and her daughter, Vanessa, who was five months pregnant, died instantly.

Gomez-Gutierrez, a 25-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico, is now facing his fourth drunken driving charge. But this time it has been elevated to two counts of intoxicated manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid. Investigators say he fled from his disabled vehicle after the wreck.

The handling of Gomez-Gutierrez’s case has sparked criticism from victim advocates. They say they are upset not only for what they call lenient sentences but because immigration officials did not deport him after he finished serving time on three prior DWI convictions in 2002, 2004 and 2005.
To which Patterico pontificates:
Three prior DWIs and not one single deportation.

Who is at fault? The Harris County Sheriff’s Department blames the feds for not deporting illegals. But local police in Houston have a sanctuary policy that prevents officers from asking suspects about their citizenship status.
That's right, we can't enforce the law because we don't want to "break up families" (of illegals, that is. But we can allow them to break up families of law-abiding Americans by killing them in a DWI car wreck), or "offend" anybody. Deport them now!!

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