18 June 2007

Florida Democrats PWN3D by the People!!

From the files of Stop the ACLU:

Radio station WIOD likely will remain Broward County’s official channel for emergency information despite concerns it is also home to conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

County commissioners said they were deluged with complaints from throughout the country Wednesday after they questioned whether to cut their ties with the station because of their dislike for Limbaugh. By the end of the day, a majority of commissioners vowed to renew WIOD’s agreement next week.

Now that's what I'm talking about! (Full story here.) You see, politicians can be pursuaded. If enough people call them on something, and they sense that their jobs are in danger, they will eventually come around. That's why we need to deluge our people in Washington about this stupid Amnesty Bill in the Senate. If we remind these clowns that WE hold their jobs in our polling-center-lever-pulling hands, they just might wise up and send this thing to the incinerator once and for all.

Just like these goofballs that got smacked down by the Dittoheads!

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