18 June 2007

How...I, uh...what can you say?

Words fail me. I just cannot come up with a way to describe how flabbergasted I am at reading this. I kid you not, this is A TRUE STORY.

My goodness, how much sillier can liberals get? Look, I can understand wanting to ban guns from elementary schools. Yes, absolutely. I support the 2nd Amendment just as staunchly as anyone, but if a kid brings a gun (a real gun) to school, they should be prosecuted. But this following story. I don't know, just...Sheesh! (via Jammie Wearing Fool):
A fifth-grade promotion ceremony in Rancho Palos Verdes turned into a free-speech battleground Thursday, when students were asked to remove weapons
from toys
that had been placed on mortarboard caps because of the school's
zero-tolerance policy for weapons on campus.
Folks, these are...THESE ARE TOYS, FOR PETE'S SAKE!!!!! Toys, these things:

Yeah, I can see the problem. I played with these things when I was a kid, and I've been on a homcidal machine-gun rampage ever since. I'm a threat to society becaue I played with little green Army men. Ya know, liberals in this country are some of the most screwed-up people there are. And just to show how screwed-up they are, they project their screwed-upness on everybody else, and assume that the rest of society is just as screwed up as them.

Uh, folks, (yeah, you, Palos Verdes school borad), here's a clue. These kids, who put these things together, are probably more well-adjusted than you could ever dream of being. And just because you are an unhappy liberal, doesn't mean that's how these kids are going to turn out.

Read the whole story here.

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