18 June 2007

("PUNKman" Jones) + (strip club) + (guns) =

Well, you can do the math. Shocking as it may be, Adam "PUNKman" Jones and his merry bunch of hoodlums was involved in ANOTHER SHOOTING at ANOTHER STRIP CLUB. (from the Detroit Free Press):
ATLANTA — Suspended NFL player Adam (Pacman) Jones was being sought for questioning about a shooting early this morning involving members of his entourage after a fight at an Atlanta strip club.

Jones, a cornerback for the Tennessee Titans on suspension following a melee and shooting at a Las Vegas strip club, his group and three other people got into a fight, apparently over a woman, around 4 a.m., Police Officer Ariel Toledo said.

After everyone involved left the strip club — the three people in one car and Jones and his entourage in three other cars — someone in Jones’ group shot at the car, and the others returned fire, Toledo said.

Toledo said Jones was not present when the shots were fired.“We believe he knows some of his entourage who were involved in the shooting,” Toledo said. “We do not have any charges on him.”
He may not have done the shooting himself, but you are known by the company you keep. And if PUNKman is going to keep hanging around with thugs who don't have anything better to do than go around shooting up strip joints, then in the interest of public safety, he SHOULD be arrested, if for no other reason than guilt by association in giving these thugs money to commit their crimes.

When are the Tennessee Tie-tans going to get sick and bloody tired of this dirtbag's antics and kick him out the door? He's a disgrace, and he doesn't belong in the NFL. In fact, he doesn't belong on the outside of the Tennessee prison system.

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