12 June 2007

Bump--Anti-ACLU protest in Orange County

Bumping this post about a protest outside the Orange County (CA) office of the ACLU.

There will be a protest outside of the Orange County (CA) ACLU offices on June 15. Via stoptheaclu.org, the website of the Stop the ACLU Coalition (not affiliated with stoptheaclu.com):

Dear Friends, Visitors & Supporters:

If you live in California and especially within a couple hours of Orange County , the Coalition invites you to join the Minutemen, FIRE and others for a huge protest in front of the ACLU of Orange County offices. You will not be able to find this address online but we have it and the ACLU will not be looking forward to it when hundreds and hopefully thousands of patriotic Americans stand in front of their office to let them know they will not make America in their image without encountering the fiercest resistance they have seen in this organization’s lifetime.

Here are the details:

· WHO: You and countless other Americans
· WHAT: A picket and protest of the ACLU and specifically the ACLU of Orange County
· WHERE: 2140 W. Chapman, Suite 209, Orange, CA
· WHEN: Friday, June 15th from 12 noon to 3 PM
· WHY: Because we're sick of all the ACLU lawsuits and their efforts to make America a third world country.
· HOW: By your presence and bringing your friends and family with you

We are aware that your presence may necessitate taking off of work that day, however, I don’t think you need an explanation of how essential it is that we have a sizable showing against the American Communist Lawyers Union. Obviously it would be preferable to do this on a Saturday but since the ACLU seldom works weekends, the next best bet is doing this on a Friday.

We are asking as many Californians as possible to be there this day and to bring an extra person or two with you. Our goal is to have 5000 people standing outside the ACLU’s office. Californians in the Stop the ACLU database comprise roughly 1/3rd of its total supporters. Over half of that amount is within a 2 to 2½ hour drive of Orange County.

If everyone within a reasonable proximity to the ACLU’s office shows up and brings a couple others with, we should have, along with the Minutemen and other groups that will be there, at least 5000 people.

So, if you live in or near "The OC" (I can't believe I just said that), help to show these Communist, pedophile- and child-molester-loving perverts that we're sick and tired of them, and they need to pack up and move to Russia, where they'll be appreciated.

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