12 June 2007

Harry Reid--more unpopular than the President!

I don't hear a lot of chatter among the left to get rid of Harry Reid, even though The Dingy One's poll numbers are far below those of President Bush (via Rasmussen):
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is now viewed favorably by 19% of American voters and unfavorably by 45%. Just 3% have a Very Favorable opinion while 22% hold a Very Unfavorable views.

Reid has been very visible over the past week in the furor over immigration reform. The effort to pass a bill that was more popular in Congress than among voters may have hurt public perceptions of the Democratic leader. His ratings are down from a month ago when 26% had a favorable opinion of the Democratic Senator. Reid’s highest ratings were 30% favorable in February.

Each week, Rasmussen Reports updates favorability ratings for a number of political figures and others in the news. The latest numbers for Defense Secretary Robert Gates reflect a steady decline in recent months. He is now viewed favorably by 36% of Americans and unfavorably by 34%. Last December, 49% have a favorable opinion and only 26% held a negative opinion.

Vice President Dick Cheney’s numbers held steady—38% favorable and 58% unfavorable.
Oh my gosh, I can almost hear the chafing among the liberal elites as I type! For crying out loud, CHENEY'S FAVORABLE numbers are TWICE AS HIGH as Dingy's! And the VP's unfavorable figures aren't much higher than Dingy's! Does that tell you anything about the direction this country is headed? If Dingy Harry keeps going along the track he's on, we'll take back the Senate easily in '08.

So, Dennis Miller, tell us how you really feel about Harry.

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