08 May 2007

Sorry to do this to you...

But if you really want to know how liberals operate, you have just got to read this from HuffPo:
HOWARD DEAN: Because of the president’s actions, I would argue that we are in greater danger now because of what’s going on in Iraq than we were before. Now there are terrorists in Iraq. They have migrated there since our troops were there.

TIM RUSSERT: Let me stay on your rhetoric…

Nice pivot, Tim. Yes, by all means, let’s stay on Dean’s rhetoric rather than on the insignificant fact that our country is less safe as a result of our invasion of Iraq. Good to see you’ve got your priorities in order.
Am I missing something here? Didn't Howard "I have a scream" Dean say that terrorists are moving into IRAQ? How exactly does that make our country--THE UNITED STATES--less safe? Unless Arrianna "I spent a billion dollars trying to get my hubby elected and all I got was this stupid blog" Huffington considers Iraq to be HER country.

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