08 May 2007

Terror plot broken up in New Jersey

They've got the story over at Captain's Quarters. The question now is, "was this Al-Qaida?" Captain Ed says,
It could be, but I'm not sure that true AQ jihadis would be that dumb, at least not twice. I'm also thinking that AQ would not have chosen Fort Dix as a target. It could just be AQ-inspired fanatics who managed to screw up just enough to get caught.
But nah, we shouldn't go around tracking these guys. You know, civil liberties and all. Now, suppose they hadn't been caught? Suppose they had carried out their attacks. Well, I'm sure the MSM would have been just gushing with joy over it, epsecially Pravda the New York Slimes and the Soviet News Agency CNN. But, now what are they gonna say? I'm sure Keith "I watch my show so you don't have to" Olbermann won't be happy about it.

UPDATE: LaShawn has excellent commentary (as always) about not only these Islamofascists, but the fascists at airport terminals who harass normal Americans, yet allow illegals to do maintenance work on the freepin' planes!!

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