08 May 2007

Rall of shame

One thing I've noticed about conservatives and liberals: when conservatives address liberals' position on an inssue, and we use humor to poke fun at said liberals, it is usually done to show just how far off-base they are. Normally, we don't demean and degrade. Rush Limbaugh calls it, "demonstrating absurdity by being absurd." (OK, maybe Ann Coulter does push the envelope. But we're not all Ann Coulter.)

Liberals, on the other hand, are about the most mean-spirited, viscious, hateful people on the planet. People such as Ted Rall, and Bill Maher, and the entire crew over at Daily Kooks Kos. (Yes, I called them kooks. Read through their comments on any topic, and see if you don't come away with the same impression!) are just a few examples.

Just imagine if some conservative cartoonist made fun of people with Alzheimer's. Or tried to make fun of someone by calling them "gay." Oh my gosh, the major news networks (and SeeBS) would have been all over them. But liberals do it all the time, and not a peep from Chrissy "I asked the GOP candidates about Bill Clinton and all I got was pwned" Matthews or any of his looney left buddies.

Say it with me folks--typical...liberals.

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