07 May 2007

The ACLU: hating America since 1920

And they still hate this country to this very day. Case in point: teaming up with a Catholic diocese in Green Bay (what's that about "the enemy of me enemy"?) to stop the city from preventing criminals to infiltrate its borders (courtesy Stop the ACLU):
The committee Thursday night discussed City Council President Chad Fradette's proposal to tie city licensing to enforcing federal immigration law. Fradette wants to require all licensees to swear they are legal residents of the U.S. and that they won't hire anyone who isn't a legal resident.
Is it just me, or does this measure have common sense dripping from every drop of ink? If I'm the mayor of a city, I would like to make sure that all the people living within said city are there...LEGALLY!!

But, alas, the ACLU, which has been trying for nearly 90 years to undermine this country and turn it into their very own communist utopia, is opposed:
"While it is paramount that we respect the laws of the land, it is equally imperative that we make laws that reflect compassion for the most vulnerable among us," he wrote. "As we assess whether our local ordinances should punish those who hire undocumented immigrants, we should ask: Do the conditions in Northeastern Wisconsin truly require us to take on what is currently a federal responsibility?"
Uh, let's see. Green Bay. That's in Wisconsin, right? A state that lies about an hour away from the most porous international border in the world? Yeah, what would make anyone think that criminals would wind up in Green Bay?

But, go figure. The same group that gave us Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Antonio Villaraigosa, and evolution in our schools, is standing up and opposing a measure that would strengthen a most basic rule of law.

I guess the ACLU's position is that the laws of this country should apply equally to everybody...except criminals.

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