22 May 2007

Queen Nan whips out her royal scepter

What did we hear before the November '06 election? "Most ethical Congress", "work together", blah blah blah. And the American voters ate it up. Well, it's time for the American voters to grab a coffee, rub their bloodshot eyes, and shake off the hangover. Queen Nan fron SanFran ain't that girl that looked so good at closing time (via The Anchoress):

Today, however, Powerline and others tell us that Ms. Pelosi, unhappy that the minority does not simply roll over and play dead as they’re supposed to, wishes to change rules which have been in place since 1822.

You see, when the Democrats were the minority, they believed it was their jobs and their patriotic duties to follow the traditional guidelines written by Thomas Jefferson, as every congress has done, particularly if the rules helped them get heard, forced others to stand behind their votes or even if they simply justified a bit of obstruction. But when those guidelines don’t serve the purpose, or when they force Democrats to leave an inconvenient paper trail that they can’t easily erase

Seems that the Queen's royal court has turned into a royal pain. I'd hate to see her and ¡Hillary locked in a steel cage.

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