22 May 2007

Hitchens: a sad, little man

He may have a bunch of money from books he's written. He may party and drink and carouse all the time. But I'll tell you what, I would NOT want to be Christopher Hitchens. If that man isn't the saddest, most miserable man on the planet, I don't know who is. Of course, I'd be sad too is I had to wake up everyday and fight against a GOD that is bigger than me, and bigger than the planet I live on.

Over at Hog On Ice, Steve H. writes about going to a Hitchens speaking engagement at a synagogue(!), and listening to this poor fellow ramble on about his incoherent and juxtaposed arguments against GOD:
I saw nothing new here. "Life is hard. Scripture doesn't seem to make sense. God was pretty harsh in the Old Testament. Therefore God is a myth." It was facile. It was a parade of clumsily constructed, transparent straw men. It was bigoted. It was deliberately offensive, either because Hitchens despises the church or because he just wants to sell books.There wasn't one second of warmth or humility or compassion or tolerance in it. It was trite, predictable, and shopworn. And the boobs in the crowd ate it up because, like Hitchens, they had already decided they hated God before they showed up.

It's a funny world we live in. Believing in a God you have never seen makes you close-minded and hateful, but being sure that God does not exist and exhibiting coarse, overt hostility to religion proves your mind is open and you love all humanity.

I can only assume that at one point in his childhood, Hitchens was spanked too hard by a nun. Something happened that turned him against God, and whatever it was, he has decided to make the rest of us pay for it. Anger this strong cannot possibly be based in reason.

You know how atheists are. Grammy or Grampy or Fluffy dies, or Sister Mary hits them one too many times with the steel ruler, and God gains a lifelong enemy.

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