29 May 2007


Leave it to liberals to do something like this:

According to the San Juan (WA) Islander,
Vandals twice attacked Veterans' graves in Woodlawn Cemetery on Orcas Island this Memorial Day weekend, burning American flags and placing swastika-bearing flags in their place.
But, say it with me folks, "DON'T QUESTION THEIR PATRIOTISM!!" These people love America! They're doing their patriotic duty and voicing their dissent! (/sarcasm off)

If these people want to protest, fine. If they want to shout "Down with America!", fine. But you know, this just goes to show what cowards liberals are. They sneak in, the middle of might, when no one's around, and do this to graves of people who fought and spilled their blood (*language warning*) so these jackasses could live in a country that isn't dominated by the very people these little flags represent.

And right now, they're sitting in their little coffee shop, sipping their stupid little lattes, patting themselves on the back for the "heroic" deed they did. I'm sure they'll look back 20 years from now, and giggle to themselves, and tee-hee with their little Communist friends abotu what they did. These people are truly disgusting. Or, maybe they're just doing what John Edwards encouraged them to do. This is from Freedom Eden:
The disgraceful John Edwards is leading an effort to hijack Memorial Day and exploit it to advance his own political agenda.

He established a website enlisting volunteers to join him in protesting the war in Iraq and "reclaim patriotism."
And this is from The Dread Pundit Bluto:
From the $400 haircut assweasel's Memorial Day hate site:

Get vocal. Buy a bunch of poster-board and markers. At a picnic or with family and friends, make signs that say “SUPPORT THE TROOPS - END THE WAR.” Bring them to your local Memorial Day parade. Then take a digital photo of yourself and your family or friends holding up the poster and tell us about it. We’ll include it in a “Democracy Photo Album” on our site.
Well, Silky Pony, these people did what you told them to do. How ya feeling now?

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