19 February 2007

William Jefferson: This generation's Roscoe P. Coltrane

You gotta be kidding me. A guy gets caught with $90,000 in bribe money campaign conributions in his freezer, so what does Nancy "Most Ethical Congress Ever!!!" Pelosi do? Gives him a spot on the Homeland Security Committee!!! She had no choice, of course. If she didn't throw him some kind of bone, she'd have had the whole Congressional Black Caucus on her back, she would have lost votes for the Democratic Party, and they would have lost the power they lied fought so hard to gain. But, what would one expect from the party of Clinton? I guess the one thing that saved Jefferson's bacon was the fact that the money didn't come from Jack Abramoff.

And just what are Jefferson's qualifications for ensuring the safety of our contry from those who seek to destroy us? Well, for one....Tell ya what. I'll get back to ya on that.

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