19 February 2007

Julie Amero: Victim

In Connecticut, a substitute teacher was fired, arrested, tried, and convicted of allowing her students to view pornography. Why did she do it? Because she didn't know what to do when a website's malware took over and hijacked her browser. You may ask why she didn't shut the computer down. Good question. Answer: Because she was under strict orders to not shut it down under any circumstances.

What is this world coming to that somebody can create software that invades your computer and will not allow you to escape its clutches without taking extremely drastic measures? What's worse is these vile gasbags get to roam the earth scot-free trumpeting their "First Amendment Rights" while their victims wind up in prison because they didn't know what they were facing.

The guys over at Ankle Biting Pundits have a great (long, but great) post. It's worth your time, as one guy used to work in IT and the other was a former prosecutor. What will it take to rectify this situation and give this poor woman her life back? Somebody in Connecticut that has half a brain (There has to be somebody. They did re-elect Leibermann.)

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