05 February 2007

The Democratic Party: Fixin' to wake up with fleas

I've just got to share this one, via HotAir (This country does not realize how fortunate we are to have someone like Michelle Malkin, who has the, um, malkins to stand up to the mainstream press, tell us the unfiltered truth, and expose Islamofascists for who they are).

The DNC is holding their winter meetings, and who do they have do their convocation? A Muslim imam who has nothing better to do with his time than spew anti-Semitic filth. Debbie Schlussel has commentary on it.

So does Robert Spencer over at JihadWatch:
It is interesting to see the Democrats standing with heads bowed piously while the Imam Husham Al-Husainy prays, in veiled terms to be sure, for their conversion to Islam, and oh yes, for the destruction of Israel ("And help us to stop the war and violence, and oppression and occupation").
OK, now for the obligatory Christian response: Suppose that had been John Hagee, or Jerry Falwell, or (*gasp!!*) James Dobson delivering a CHRISTIAN prayer at an RNC meeting, and had invoked the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! THE NEW YORK SLIMES WOULD HAVE BEEN ALL OVER IT!!! (No, I'm not kidding. Why do you ask?) But, since this is a (cough)peace-loving(gag) Muslim, he gets a free pass. But then again, anybody advocating the destruction of Israel is on the DNC's Christmas Winter Solstice card list. (Right, Jimmah Cawtuh??)

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