05 February 2007

John Edwards: All beauty, no brains

If he did have a brain, he wouldn't have hired a profanity-spewing hate-filled leftie blogger to be his "blogmistress". And this guy wants...I mean, he thinks people will vote for...Uh, nevermind. I mean, what is the guy thinking? I guess he must be taking the Dick "Turban" Durbin approach, and appealing to the moonbatty-bats of the far fringes of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party for support. What's he going to do next? Ask Mahmoud Ahmedinajean to be his speech writer?

How bad is Amanda Marcotte? I can't even link anybody that has posted about her, becasue they all include excerpts from her blog (which shall remain nameless). Apparently, this woman can't even form a sentence without including the "f-word" about every 5th syllable. So, I'll paste some posts from Ms. Marcotte, with appropriate censoring.

Re--The Duke non-rape case:

In the meantime, I’ve been sort of casually listening to CNN blaring throughout the waiting area and good f****** god is that channel pure evil. For awhile, I had to listen to how the poor dear lacrosse players at Duke are being persecuted just because they held someone down and f***** her against her will—not rape, of course, because the charges have been thrown out.

Can’t a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it?

So unfair.

Next, her musings about those of us who are pro-life:
One thing I vow here and now–you motherf****** who want to ban birth control will never sleep. I will f*** without making children day in and out and you will know it and you won’t be able to stop it. Toss and turn, you mean, jealous motherf******. I’m not going to be “punished” with babies. Which makes all your efforts a failure. Some non-procreating women escaped. So give up now. You’ll never catch all of us. Give up now.
So, I guess she thinks that children are "punishment." Yep, sounds like a true Democrat. And yet, this is the person John Edwards wants to be in charge of his communication with the outside world. The downfall of civilization continues. Of course, her mouth is not the only part of her that's unhinged. Apparently, her sense of reason and any semblence of rational thought seem to have left the building as well. As "Crash" Davis would say, "He's got a million-dollar house and a ten-cent head."

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