05 February 2007

Congratulations, Tony Dungy

One of the classiest men to ever walk the sidelines in the NFL has finally won a Super Bowl. Mr. Dungy has always been known as a quiet man, one who never raises his voice or cusses. And above all that, he's not ashamed to let it be known that he is a Christian. As is his counterpart from last night, Lovie Smith. During Tony Dungy's post-game speech, he referred to himself and to Lovie Smith as, "...two Christian coaches who do it the Lord's way!" How awesome is that!!

So many coaches who win titles give ALL the credit to the owners, players, fans, etc. As well they should. But how many times do you hear a coach, player, etc., give GOD the credit for blessing them with the talent they have. I'll never forget hearing what Lance Armstrong said about surviving cancer. He said that GOD had nothing to do with it. That, my friends, is the height of arrogance. Yes, Lance was strong, courageous, and determined. But it was GOD who did the healing, through doctors, medication, etc. But enough about that.

After last night, I have an even deeper respect for Tony Dungy, Lovie Smith, and all the other Christians in the NFL who give the glory and the credit to GOD. Congratulations, Indianapolis Colts!!

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