08 February 2007

Beauty for ashes

Check out this wonderful article over at Boundless about the attempts some lost and misguided people to damage, vandalize, and otherwise hurt the efforts of GOD's people to spread His truth.

What I find interesting is that whenever you hear pro-abortion people talk about the subject, all we hear about is "Keep it safe and legal", or "Don't send us back to the alleys", or something to do with a coat hanger. When in fact, those who are in the forefront of the pro-abortion ranks are some of the most selfish, most hateful, most miserable people you could ever meet. They don't care about the teenage girl who gets pregnant, they don't care about her physical or mental health. All they care about is her ability to pay. I could send you to a site that has images from a pro-life rally in California(of all places!!), and the vicious counterprotestors, but I'll spare your eyes.

When you couple the acts of these people in the article, with the history of people like Molly Yard, Patricia Ireland (and the rest of the NOW gang) with the fact that 2008 presidential hopeful John Edwards has just hired a smut-typing, hate-filled blogger to be his webmistress (see post from Monday), you really have to wonder why anybody believes that the Democratic Party actually gives a rip about people. (PS--ABORTION MAY BE LEGAL, BUT IT IS NEVER SAFE!!!)

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