07 February 2007

Speaking of liberals, Islam, and hate...

Daniel Pipes was at U. Cal Irvine last week, exercising his freedom of speech when he was drowned out by a bunch of thugs who decided the First Amendment doesn't apply to people who oppose Islam. A commenter over at HotAir summed it up quite nicely:
Wait, I thought “liberals” were *for* freedom of speech, which is a form of *liberty*, hence the term “liberal”.

Once again they prove themselves to be socialist elitists and prove *us* to be the *classic* liberals.

Freedom for me but not for thee. Typical. Did they throw any pies this time?

Tony737 on February 7, 2007 at 2:14 PM
Liberal (n.)--Someone who loudly trumpets their freedom of speech while simultaneously trampling on yours.

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