08 February 2007

AlGore: An Inconvenient...something or other

OK, let me get this straight. First, AlGore and the rest of the tree-hugging America-hating leftie circle gets all in a hissy-tither over the USA not signing the Kyoto mumbo-jumbo. Now, the former VP says that even though China hasn't signed it either, they shouldn't really have to (h/t: HotAir)
Gore narrated an hourlong slide presentation with graphic evidence of global warming: Antarctic ice shelves cracking and collapsing into the sea, before-and-after shots of glaciers reduced to lakes and small patches of ice, and forecasts of heavily populated land masses such as Florida shrinking drastically if glacial meltdown reaches a worst-case scenario and floods the seas.

"Never before has all of civilization been threatened," Gore said. "We have everything we need to save it, with the possible exception of political will. But political will is a renewable resource."
Now, don't get me wrong. I would love to see this planet keep on going for as long as I'm here. But, "Never before has all of civilization been threatened"????? Come on!!! If I know my history right, this planet survived an ICE AGE (Yes, we even survived the crummy sequel.) And how did the ice subside? Wasn't it due to...global warming????

Here's another question: If, as all these Darwinists like to say, nature "adapts", and it has for (*cough*cough*) miiiiillllliiiooonnsss of yeeeearrrrsss, then doesn't it stand to reason that the Earth will be able to adapt to this? (Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to use the words "reason" and "Al Gore" in the same sentence.)

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