23 January 2007

From California, the (nanny) state that brought you Pelosi, Boxer, DiFi...

Comes this "News Of The Absurd!!"

You have got to be kidding me!! OK, let me get something straight. All these liberals run around crying "Keep your laws out of my bedroom", etc. when it comes to sodomy laws. They scream about the government meddling in people's personal business. Yet here comes this woman saying we need to put a cop in every house to make sure that big, bad, mean ol' dad doesn't hurt Johnny's feelings when Johnny calls him a name Johnny shouldn't be using, or talking back to mom.

I can just see it now. Little Johnny just doesn't feeeellll like doing his homework tonight. Dad tells him, "Johnny, you need to do your homework." Johnny says, "Go ahead, try to make me. I'll call DCS and tell them you spanked me." This is nothing more than a way for people like Marian Wright Edelman and her Children's Offense Defense Fund to take any authority away from parents, tranfer it to children, and raise a bunch of disrespectful delinquents who will wind up voting Democrat. And if anybody thinks this is anything other than that, I've got a bridge I'd like to seel ya.

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