19 May 2008

New Feature--Fake Translation of the Week

I'm going to try a new feature here. It's called "Fake Translation of the Week." The goal is to show how certain passages of Scripture would have to read if we are to believe what some false teachers and false religions teach.

Today, the question is--"What happens to those who never hear of Jesus?" And I do not mean to treat this subject lightly, because it is so serious. Because the answer, of course, is "They will not enter into the Kingdom of God." Because if they did--if people who never heard the gospel were granted automatic entrance into heaven, or were given a "second chance" after they die--then this is how we would have to read today's passage.

Matthew 28:19-20--"Tarry ye here in Jerusalem. Do not go out to any other city, or land, to any tribe, or tongue, or nation. Do not tell anyone the gospel. Keep it to yourself, lest the people do not believe what ye tell them, and they be condemned for their unbelief. Yea, 'tis better for them if ye do not tell them. That way, they shall enter into My kingdom."

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