21 May 2010

Prayers for the persecuted church (5/21/2010)

5/19/10 United States (BP) References to God Banned from Classroom-
"I wondered what had changed in our culture and in the school district's opinion of the banners that they'd all the sudden tell me to take them down," said a San Diego math teacher who was forced to remove posters with phrases like "In God We Trust" from his classroom walls. Although a federal judge ruled that the school district was wrong to order the removal of the posters, the school district is now appealing that decision to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Full Story

Pray that the judge's first decision would be upheld and that the teacher would be allowed to leave the posters in his classroom.
Pray that the Father would raise up righteousness in our nation.
Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict hearts and draw many to Himself.

For more general information, please go to ICC’s website.

5/18/10 Morocco (ICC) New Wave of Christian Expulsions from Morocco- International Christian Concern has learned that 23 foreigners have been notified of expulsion from Morocco since May 10, marking a second wave of Christian deportations from the country. The recent notifications of expulsion are officially attributed to proselytizing, which is illegal under Moroccan law. Earlier this year, the enforcement of anti-proselytizing laws resulted in the deportations of approximately 40 US citizens and many other foreign expatriates from Morocco. However, Moroccan authorities have refused to explain the charges. Full Story.

Pray that the Father would continue to raise up faithful witnesses in Morocco.
Pray for the families of those believers being expelled from Morocco.
Pray that all of the Moroccan authorities' efforts to restrain the word of truth from being released in their country would be completely futile.

For more general information, please go to ICC’s website on Morocco.

5/17/10 Pakistan (ICC) Pakistani Official Fires 15 Christians- International Christian Concern has learned that on May 12, an official of the Pakistani government fired 15 Christian employees in an apparent discriminatory measure in Lahore, Pakistan. Though the administrator of the Solid Waste Management Department allegedly accused the Christians of neglecting their duty, the Christians disputed the charge and contended that they were fired because of their faith. Their Muslim colleagues were not fired from their job. The Christians have asked the Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs to intervene in this situation and reinstate them to their position. Full Story

Pray for the light of truth to shine on this situation and expose all the works of darkness.
Pray that the fired employees would trust in the Father for their provision.
Pray that the Father would use these believers as salt and light among their colleagues.

For more general information, please go to ICC’s website on Pakistan.

5/17/10 Pakistan (Christian Today) Brutal Attacks Prompt Call for Protection of Pakistan's Christian Minority- Following a report from Release International documenting the reports of Christians "who told of relatives who were burnt alive by militants in their homes in Gojra...and others who had been falsely accused of blasphemy," the former Bishop of Rochester is calling on the Pakistani government to protect its Christian minority. One believer told Release International, "These people can attack again whenever they want. We can do nothing - only believe in Jesus. We have a strong trust in him." Full Story

Pray that true justice would be established in Pakistan and uphold the lives of the oppressed.
Pray that the Father would continue to increase the capacity of His church in Pakistan to trust in Him in all circumstances.

For more general information, please go to ICC’s website on Pakistan.

5/15/10 Laos (CDN) Lao Christians Expelled from Village Suffer Critical Illnesses- A group of 48 Christian villagers in Laos were forced from their village at gunpoint in January for refusing to renounce their faith. They have built temporary shelters at the edge of the jungle and have been forced to survive "on food found in the jungle and water from a hand-dug well that is unfit for cooking or drinking." Despite being assured of their religious rights by officials in March, Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom reported that the villagers have suffered from "diarrhea, dehydration, eye and skin infections, fainting and general weakness for the Christians expelled from Katin village, and one person has died." Full Story

that the Father would bring swift and miraculous healing and restoration to the villagers who are suffering in order that His name might be glorified in Laos and cause many to come to salvation in Messiah.
Pray that the villagers would continue to remain steadfast in their faith and trust in the Father.

For more general information, please go to ICC’s website on Laos.

5/18/10 India (ANS) Believers Plead for Pastor's Release- Close to 50 anti-Christian extremists attacked a church in India on a Sunday morning and kidnapped Pastor Abhay Jhadav. While looting the church, the extremists dragged the pastor outside and began to beat him. The pastor was held behind bars for about seven hours under allegations of forced conversion before the members of the church were fortunately able to convince the police that the allegations were false and provoked by envy. The church is requesting prayer for Pastor Jhadav - "that he will be protected from future attacks, and also that those who oppose Jesus will come to know Him intimately." Full Story

Pray for the strengthening of Pastor Jhadav's faith in the face of persecution.
Pray together with the church in India that "those who oppose Jesus will come to know Him intimately."

For more general information, please go to ICC’s website on India.

5/21/10 India (CDN) Hindu Nationalists in India Plan 'Religious Cleansing' in Madhya Pradesh District- Hindu nationalist organizations are beginning to prepare for a large "reconversion" event next year. The organizations have declared their intentions to "rid Mandla district of all Christian influence." The ground-breaking ceremony for the rally to be held in February incited some nationalists to attack a house church on May 2nd. One of the "objectives" that has been disclosed so far includes "(driving) away Christian pastors, evangelists and foreign aid workers from the district." Full Story

Pray that the Father would bring the pride of those who hate His children low in order for them to recognize their own need for salvation.
Pray that the efforts to drive believers out of the district would be futile, and that the Father would strengthen His church and so frustrate the plans of the nationalists organizations that the "reconversion" event is entirely prevented from taking place.

For more general information, please go to ICC’s website on India.

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