05 May 2010

Pakastani assaulted, fired by "Religion of Peace®" for wearing cross

From International Christian Concern, and persecution.org:
Pakistani Pizza Delivery Man Assaulted, Fired From Job for Wearing Cross

Washington, D.C. (May 5, 2010)–International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on May 1, a Pakistani Christian was assaulted by a Muslim customer and fired by his Muslim employer for wearing a cross during work hours in Sargodha, Pakistan.

Ashir Laal told ICC that the Muslim customer also wrecked the restaurant’s motorbike, stole his personal cell phone and desecrated his cross.

Laal worked for a popular restaurant in Sargodha (The identity of the restaurant is withheld on the request of Laal to avert worsening the situation.) On May 1, he received an order to deliver pizza to Muhammad Qadeer Butt. He delivered the pizza within 20 minutes. Butt was so happy with the delivery that he offered Laal a glass of Pepsi.

While Laal was enjoying the Pepsi, Butt noticed the cross worn by Laal. Laal alleges that Butt then grabbed him by his wrist and asked about his faith. Laal replied by saying that he was a Christian.

As soon as he heard the word “Christian,” Butt allegedly became visibly angry, grabbing the cross and throwing it in the garbage. Butt and his two servants beat Laal. Laal was rescued by people who responded to his cries.

Upon returning to work, Laal alleges that his employer scolded him for wearing the cross during work hours and fired him without paying him his salary.

Laal’s father told ICC that they would not register any police case against the powerful Muslims because in this predominantly Muslim country, all their efforts to get justice would be in vain.

ICC contacted the manager of the restaurant, who refused to comment on the details of the allegations by Laal. He said that Laal has stigmatized their restaurant by publicly saying that he is a Christian. He also added that he wouldn’t pay any salary due to Laal; rather he will use the money to mend the motorbike.

ICC’s Regional Manager for South Asia, Jonathan Racho, said “The plight of Laal is yet another example of societal discrimination that the Pakistani Christians are suffering from the Muslim majority in the country. We urge justice for Laal and other Pakistani Christians.”

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