29 January 2008

Illegals denied freebies in Arizona

According to a post at Stop the ACLU, those poor, dear people who defy our soverignty and cross our borders illegally aren't going to be getting the free rides from the state of Arizona anymore. Of course, the crying, whining nellies at the New York Slimes (motto: We heart people who help to cripple America!) are having a hissy-tither about it. The question they ask is, "Since they're here illegally, and are already benefitting from our welfare state and having anchor babies all over the place, can't we just go ahead and give them everything else?" The answer, from the state of Arizona: NO!
The New York Times wants you to know that legislators in Arizona are mean to illegal immigrants trying to go to the state's schools on the cheap. The Times wants you to imagine that Arizona's new anti-illegal laws are oppressing those poor, illegal immigrant students that come into Arizona expecting to get all sorts of loans and financial breaks just because… well, just because they happen to draw a breath. The Times wants us all to tsk tsk the state of Arizona because it had the guts to finally do something about the billions of dollars lost to this flood of criminal aliens. Somehow, I don't feel so bad, though.

With the sensational headline, "Arizona Law Takes a Toll on Nonresident Students," the Times gives us the tale of woe of students that want to steal from Arizona's educational system. They begin their tale with the experience of Marco Carrillo who was asked by his college counselor if he was a legal resident or not. The Times acts as if even asking this question is somehow mean-spirited or shocking.

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