03 July 2007

Some people have a case of "Fred! Envy"

Check out this column over at FredHeads USA.

Ya know, if the New York Slimes (motto: "All the news our enemies need to see in print!") is going to try and tear down a candidate (or, potential candidate), they really need to try something other than trying to invent a scandal. Oh, wait. Nah, that's what the Slimes does best.
Let's recap, shall we? The Dem[ocrat Harlan] Matthews went after the son Tony [Thompson, Fred!'s son], not the other way around. Sen. Thompson "was sensitive to the potential appearance of favoritism to his sons’ clients and sought to keep a distance." The son Tony "never lobbied the Senate or discussed clients with his father." The OTHER son, Daniel, "was registered as a lobbyist only at the state level." AND-no charges have ever been filed. No accusations have ever been made.
After his election to the U.S. Senate, Fred!'s sons got lobbying gigs. Sounds fishy, huh? But here's the kicker: neither one of them lobbied dear old dad. Fred! kept a distance from Tony, while Daniel only worked at the state level. But, Fred! is a Republican, so of course this means he was a corrupt, evil man. Although the Slimes does slide this statement into the story, hoping you'll skim over it:
Mr. Thompson was hardly the only lawmaker with relatives in similar positions. As money pouring into lobbying firms has soared in recent years, many lawmakers have watched family members get into the business.
Oh, and if you want to read about some real scandal, go over to The Jawa Report, and there you can find a lengthy list of all the criminals that the Clintons pardoned on their way out the White House door (**LANGUAGE WARNING**). They make Scooter Libby look like a Boy Scout.

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