05 July 2007

Free Ramos and Compean!

No, they're not a couple of illegal immigrants. These are the good guys, the ones who chase down the illegal immigrants. Unfortunately for them, they were gassed by a US Attorney, and sent to prison--a prison which housed many criminals they put there--and are being punished for doing there jobs. I must wholeheartedly agree with Cassy Fiano (who is sitting in for John Hawkins at Right Wing News):
They are now in prisons where they are surrounded by criminals, which they themselves have arrested. They were being held in the general population -- until Ignacio Ramos was the victim of a brutal attack by a group of illegal immigrants yelling “Maten a la migra!” which means “Kill the Border Patrol agent.” He suffered repeated blows and kicks, and allegedly did not receive medical attention for up to 48 hours after the attack. His wife reported he had a concussion, with blood coming out of his ears after the attackers kicked him wearing their prison work-issued, steel toe boots in the back, ribs, and head.

These men were doing their job to protect us and our borders, and yet they are in prison. Where is a pardon for them, or a commutation of their sentences? Both are married, with families. They did nothing wrong, and the President is refusing to act.

That's why there is no reason whatsoever that this Scooter Libby clemency should be news as long as these two men are still in prison.
Mr. President, since you found the place in your heart to pardon Scooter, would you now please do the right thing and get these guys out!!

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