05 July 2007

But we neeeeed to understaaaand them!!

Marvin Heir and Abraham Cooper have a column up at Jewish World Review. Apparently, the New York Slimes (motto: "We heart traitors!!") and The Whackington Post (motto: "We heart terrorists!!") have given ink to the whack-job leader of Hamas, which, coincidentally, just happens to be a terrorist organization. But you must understand the need to sit down, with tea and a plate of warm bran muffins, and just talk and get to know these people who want to destroy us and convert us to Islam.


Now, lest you think that this cozy relationship that these papers enjoy with Americ's enemies is something new, the writers remind us of these historical nuggets:
The July 2, 1942 headline "700,000 Victims," was posted Page Six detailing the murder over a half million Jews, including in mobile gas ovens. Page One was reserved for New York Governor Herbert Lehman's donation of his tennis shoes to the war effort. When on December 18, 1942, the NYT finally front-paged, a story on Hitler's Final Solution, entitled, "11 Allies Condemn Nazi War on Jews", The Washington Post printed the same story on Page Four, while The Los Angeles Times placed it on Page Ten.

As for the Soviet Union, Walter Durant, the New York Times longtime Moscow Bureau Chief, won a Pulitzer Prize for stories that effectively buried Ukraine's invisible victims under an avalanche of praise for Stalin's deadly policies.

And let us not forget that, like Hamas, Hitler also sought election through the democratic process. But once he took power he made it clear, just like Hamas, that his god was the bullet, not the ballot.
But, hey, let's reward these murderers with space in what used to be a major newspaper. Nope, no liberal bias here!

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