06 June 2007

Islam--empowering women since...

Well, maybe not so much. But, don't tell that to the liberals that seem to be fawning over the Religion of Murderous Terrorists Peace. Even when one of the liberals' own comes back from Saudi Arabia, having been humiliated by her experience having to wear the customary abaya, or full-length cloak women in Saudi Arabia are forced to wear. (via Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters):
The sleeves, the length of it, always felt foreign, at first. But it never took long to work its alchemy, to plant the insecurity. After a day or two, the notion of appearing without the robe felt shocking. Stripped of the layers of curve-smothering cloth, my ordinary clothes suddenly felt revealing, even garish. To me, the abaya implied that a woman's body is a distraction and an interruption, a thing that must be hidden from view lest it haul the society into vice and disarray. The simple act of wearing the robe implanted that self-consciousness by osmosis.

In the depths of the robe, my posture suffered. I'd draw myself in and bumble along like those adolescent girls who seem to think they can roll their breasts back into their bodies if they curve their spines far enough. That was why, it hit me one day, I always seemed to come back from Saudi Arabia with a backache.

The kingdom made me slouch.
Yes, it does that to women. But to hear the typical liberal tell it, it's Christianity that subjugates women, and makes them inferior. Yeah, right.

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