10 May 2007

Stop the presses--Alan Colmes makes sense for once

If you look off to the east tonight, you should be able to see a spectacular sunset. Why do I say the sun is going to set in the east? Because on this video, Alan Colmes sounds rational. No, really. I had to watch twice just top make sure it was really him.

1:40 into the video, Webster "Watch me pull a whacked-out 9/11 Truther conspiracy out of a place that doesn't get much sunshine" Tarpley says that John Kerry lost in '04 because he didn't push the 9/11 conspiracy theory enough. Rich.

2:20 into the video, he says Tarpley says that there was no fire, clearly contradicting what the world's foremost expert on building construction and demolition, Rosie O'Donnell, said on "The View (from the left)".

3:20 into the video, enter Hannity. Oh man, you just know he wanted to unload and show everybody, even the Truthers (see definition at right) what a goofy guy this Tarpley really is.

The rest is the same. Tarpley tries to tie 9/11 to everything from the CIA to aliens that escaped from Area 51. You can go over to YouTube, if you dare, and read some of the batty-batty responses many lefties have put up there. Or, you can watch "The View (from the left)", and listen to RosieO's psychotic ramblings.

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