03 May 2007

"Loose Change": ain't worth a dime

More like "Loose Brains." Why on earth would Sir Branson think that people on a commercial airplane would want to see a movie about airplanes being hijacked? I mean, it just doesn't make sense. And besides, who wants to sit through this claptrap, produced by a bunch of whackos and Rosie O'Donnell wannabes, about how 9/11 was a "conspiracy." For crying out loud, you could find more realistic writing by watching, oh, I don't know, and episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Bryan at Hot Air:
This is not some Oliver Stone JFK film made decades after the events, so that it’s irresponsible handling of facts and interweaving of invention won’t have much effect on current events. Loose Change is a paranoid fantasy that, if enough people believe it, will cause them to turn on our own government and thereby lose the war we’re in to a bunch of genocidal fanatics. Its close connection to current events and the issue of our time–Islamic terrorism–makes the film dangerous, and therefore putting it in in-flight entertainment a dangerously stupid decision. It wasn’t made to be enemy propaganda, but it serves that purpose.
It's not entertainment. It's not a documentary. The only thing they get right in the whole film is the fact that this happened on Septermber 11, 2001. Other than that, it's...poop. But, thanks to Americans speaking their minds, Virgin Airlines has yanked it from their flights. But, I don't suppose Andrew Wilkow or Nick Rizzuto will make Time's 100 most influential, even though they stood up to, AND BACKED DOWN, a guy with like 800 bazillion dollars.

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