03 May 2007

Do you know what your kids are listening to?

You should. Not only are many of the top-selling "artists" filthy, vulgar, vile and disgusting, and not only are they teaching your childeren to be the same way. But, some of them may just be teaching your children to become Muslim. From World Net Daily:
A Muslim hip-hop group contends it is breaking new ground in America's black community with its clear Islamic message of straight, pious living, according to Reuters.

Like contemporary Christian music, which was birthed in the 1960s, the 2-year-old trio Native Deen is putting theology and practice into the language of youth.

"It became more apparent, for people to receive the message of Islam, it has to be in a form they can relate to," said group member Naeem Muhammad, a 27-year-old who grew up in Baltimore.
And don't think that this Muslim hip-hop and rap influence is going away any time soon. They will not stop until we are converted or dead. That includes your children. Islam is a very cunning religion, as are those who practice it. Those stories about women marrying Muslim men, thinking they are looking forward to a life of hapiness and romance, only to have that fantasy pulled out from under them after they say their vows. They're real.

So, what better way to make Islam look appealing to kids than to do it through music. This article speaks about one of the more popular rappers today:
Aidi said Chicago rapper Common makes frequent reference to the Nation of Islam and Five Percent ideas in his rhymes. In his song "The 6th Sense," for example, he raps: "Some say I'm too deep, I'm in too deep to sleep/Through me, Muhammad will forever speak."
So do yourself, and your children, a favor. Listen to what they are listening to. And if you are suspicious about it, do some research. Your child's future, and more importantly their eternal soul, is too important.

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