26 May 2007

Hmm...how do you categorize this?

Ha ha. Cate-GORE-ize. Me funny.

I guess just file this under "liberal hypocrisy". Zombie has a photo gallery of liberals doing what they keep telling us NOT to do. They go around screaming "GLOBAL WARMING!!! GLOBAL WARMING!!! CARBON FOOTPRINT!!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!" And yet they show up at an AlGore spech driving...well, I'll let you take a look yourself.

That's right. The rich and privileged among the "Whacky, Whacky, Warmin' Globe Tour" get to drive around in Range Rovers, Mercedes SUV's, and Jeep Liberty's. But we, the great unwashed, are supposed to cram into a Honda hybrid or that stupid Toyota Prius. Yeah, let's just tell AlGore to do that once he steps off of that jet that is spewing carbon into the atmosphere. But that's OK, he bought "carbon offsets" (see definition at right). Uh, yeah. Sure.

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