04 May 2007


Chrissy Matthews has to be one of the dimmest bulbs on TV, only slightly brighter than Keith "But mom, you've got to watch my show!!" Olbermann. And he proved this, on a national stage, last night at the GOP debate. via The Anchoress:
Last night, Jeanette mentioned that Chris Matthews rounded out his GOP debate questions with, “Would it be good for America to have Bill Clinton back living in the White House?”
You gotta be kidding me, right? Here's my answer for ya Chrissy: "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?" What good came out of the Clinton years? Nothing. Yet, the liberals in this country cling despeartely to some hope that someday, the Constitution will be overturned so that he and his wife can once again take over the White House.

You know what's so silly? There are many liberals out there that say the Dinosaur Media (including PMSNBC) are run by, and biased toward, republicans. Again, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND??? Anybody that could see that question from Matthews, and still say that PMSNBC is a right wing tool, needs to come on back to reality.

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