04 May 2007

Atlas Shrugs--check it out

OK, so I've been reading on all these other blogs about a site called Atlas Shrugs. And I'm thinking, "I might check it out someday." Well, today was that day. I wish I hadn't waited so long. (Warning--I haven't thoroughly combed the site for language, so as always proceed with caution.) I would urge you to not wait either.

This gal says what's on her mind, and she is usually, as our friends across the pond would say, spot on!! As she is with this video which speaks truth to truthers and was thus, consequently, banned from YouTube. See, they can't have us knowing the truth about Islam, jihad, Al-Qaida, etc. But, if you want to use all kinds of foul language to talk about the president, conservatives, etc., go right ahead.

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