09 May 2007

Hannity, YouTube, firedoglake

Found this video at YouTube. It was posted by some blog called "Newshounds", whose motto (I'm not making this up) is, "We watch FOX so you don't have to." Well, these folks had a hissy-fit because Sean Hannity did a piece on the radical far-left wing group MoveOn.org. What strikes me as being odd about Newshounds' hissy-fit is this quote from them on the YouTube site:
Smear merchant Sean Hannity casts aspersions on Hillary Clinton, Firedoglake.com, its founder, Jane Hamsher, and MoveOn.org. Hamsher, as everyone knows, is fighting breast cancer for the third time. True to his "kick 'em when they're down" bully-boy credo, Hannity opened his slimy, innuendo-ridden "expose" on the Democrats and MoveOn.org by comparing Hamsher to Don Imus.
It is sad that Ms. Hamsher is going through this. But if these people are sooo concerned about "kicking people when they're down", then why don't they take the folks at Daily Kooks Kos to task for making jokes about Cheney's heart problems? Why don't they talk about Ted "Is it just me or do I smell like pond slime?" Rall, making fun of John McCain's ordeal in Vietnam? How about all the looney lefties that made jokes about Reagan's Alzheimer's? No, those were just poking fun, they weren't being mean-spirited. Yeah, right. Liberals: the most hateful people on the planet.

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