09 May 2007

Can Democrats get any dumber?

OK, it was one thing when they tried to make us white folks who never owned slaves (and whose ancestors fought to free the slaves) pay reparations for said inhumainty. But now, they want us to pay the people of Guam for war crimes that were committed by...JAPAN!! Folks, I am not making this up!! I don't think ANYBODY could make this stuff up (via Gateway Pundit):
HR 1595--To implement the recommendations of the Guam War Claims Review Commission.

SEC. 2. RECOGNITION OF THE SUFFERING AND LOYALTY OF THE RESIDENTS OF GUAM.(a) Recognition of the Suffering of the Residents of Guam- The United States recognizes that, as described by the Guam War Claims Review Commission, the residents of Guam, on account of their United States nationality, suffered unspeakable harm as a result of the occupation of Guam by Imperial Japanese military forces during World War II, by being subjected to death, rape, severe personal injury, personal injury, forced labor, forced march, or internment.
Hey, how about while we're at it, we get Japan to pay us back for the money we gave to the people we held in internment camps. After all, we were the ones who put them in camps, so I guess Japan should pay for it! No, huh? But that's Democratic thinking. It's our fault that we went to war with Japan after that big misunderstanding out in Hawaii. John Hawkins:
We've saved half the planet at one time or another and if we're going to be cutting checks to people in those countries for....uh, who the hell knows? I have no idea why we would owe Guam a dime for Japanese war crimes and if we did, the fact that we spent blood and treasure saving them from the Japanese would seem to repay any debt we had.
No, I'm not kidding. That's how Democrats think. If it is bad for America, and if it is something they think can soothe their bleeding hearts, they'll offer up the firstborn of every American to our enemies.

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