20 April 2007

Will the real Al Sharpton please stand up?

Why does everybody on the left still think that Al Sharpton is some loving, sane, intellectual who actually wants to see blacks and whites get along with each other? 'Cause folks, that ain't so!! MM calls him what he really is:
"The democrats (party of hate for 2008) favorite police bashing, jew hating, race bating, trash talking, hate stoking, hoax instigating, character defaming charlatan."
Watch the video for yourself, listen to Sharpton's own words, and ask yourself if this schlomo is somebody that could ever be considered an arbiter of morality. From concocting the Tawana Brawley hoax to stirring up unfounded and unwarrented racial hatred in Crown Heights, Al Sharpton has done nothing to bring people together. He has only served to keep us apart.

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