02 April 2007

There's a phrase to describe what Democrats are doing

I call it "Stepping on our toes and calling it dancing." This "MOST ETHICAL CONGRESS EVER!!!" (it has to be, Queen Nancy said so!!) is lying to our faces and calling it the truth:
Among those who will experience a tax increase if the Democrats' plan becomes law:

-- 26 million small business owners, by an average of $3,960.
-- 48 million married couples, by an average of $2,899.
-- 42 million families with children, by an average of $2,181.
-- 12 million single women with children, by an average of $1,082.
-- 17 million senior citizens, by an average of $2,270.
But these aren't tax increases. They're...um...fiscally responsible adjustments to the budgetary uplink of the...ahh phooey!! They're tax hikes, they will hurt the people who need help the most, and Democrats will lie and cajole just to get their communist socialist family-friendly (yeah, right) budget pushed through to the president who will, if he has a lick of sense, veto the doggone thing and give the Kos Kiddies Krowd Democrats a kick in their collective backside and put them in their place. And if he doesn't, then America needs to when the time comes around.

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